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Members Cars

Tomáš Listík from the Czech Republic enjoying his Special Sports

Terrry Gorman's exquisite Special Sports from the UK

Here is Dion Dostaler's 1951 Consort from Utah, USA

Andrew Peterson, Tauranga, New Zealand

Thought I would send some pictures of my 52 Consort DHC that I made a few years ago.

The car when purchased back in the 90's had very rusty gutters but very good sills, so the idea of making a Consort DHC was ideal. Later read somewhere that a few were made by the factory.

These cars need saving as they are such beautifully designed and made vehicles and I'm comparing them to Bentley, Alvis and Jaguar, of which are in my collection. You might be right about being a little greedy but I just love quality English cars.

Have also made a twin carburetor manifold for this car from spare single ones.

Spent months designing and making the hood, which now works really well, also a new dashboard with rev counter, repositioned heater, air vents in the front mudguards to supply air for the heater, DB-18 scuttle air vent installed.

The boot has been deepened to accommodate a wheel by moving the back set forward.


A few more modifications I made when making the DHC was to insert a DB-18 saloon plywood bulkhead between the motor and body with the bracing brackets included, lengthen the front doors and using the rear window glass from the opposite sides. The central door pillar was moved back and a new sill mounting bracket made.
​I still have a long way to go to finish the car.
If there are any questions you want to ask about the project for the website, just email me .

September 2017 update:

My DB-18 Barker DHC 4 seater passed the New Zealand VIN process yesterday, (for vehicles that have been deregistered), now going through the process to prove the number plates belong to that car, so I can keep the original number. Will be keeping the car in a barn find condition, but mechanically and structurally a well sorted vehicle. It ran very sweet on the 20 mile run in the Tauranga morning rush hour traffic, didn't boil when stuck in traffic, the gearbox operated very sweetly and the brakes and steering felt good. It's always a bit nerve wracking on the first long run, as I had only done some laps around the block.

Now I can get back to work on the 39 DB-18 Sports saloon. Have spent months stripping the car and welding a lot on new steel in and soon the body will be off to Kiwi metal polishers in Rotorua for dipping to have all the rust and paint removed.

The DB-18 Empress is on the road for the summer and the car and myself were invited to a Rolls Royce and Bentley club outing, with many members interested to see the Hooper Empress body style on a Daimler.

second try 024
third try 027
second try 021
second try 004
second try 001
Empress and DB-18 Sport 017
Empress and DB-18 Sport 018

Tony Hedge  Berkshire, UK

Photo’s of MTO 632 in 1967 and in its current restoration state are attached.
Also a photo of HGB 152 which was sitting in a field for 40 years and now being used as a source of parts for MTO 632. After completing the restoration of MTO 632 the unused parts from HGB 152 will be for sale.
Best regards


Tony Hedge    
Berkshire, UK

WTO632 Daimler in 1967
WTO632 undergoing restoration

Here are Marcus Jones' cars

Here is the 1954 Empress being collected from California and on the right in the dry storage I rent. Imported as a non runner requiring restoration. Had been on display for many years in the Veteran Car Museum Colorado upon its export in 1967 from the UK. I was quite mad to re-import this but the car has an interesting history and I suspect it would have met a sad end had I not had a mental aberration! 

LWD160 1952 Special Sports. In very good condition, maroon over cream. Previously owned by Kevin Bennett

MUV 945 was purchased as an incomplete project. I have no history of the car and would love to hear from any member that can fill in the blanks. It was registered with the DVLA in the 1980's so I believe it may have been imported to the UK.

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