The Daimler 2½ litre or DB18 - Saloon, Special Sports, Consort and Empress

The Daimler 2 ½ litre or Daimler DB18 is a car produced by Daimler from 1939 to 1953. It is a 2½-litre version of the preceding 2.2-litre New Fifteen introduced in 1937. The model was introduced before the start of the World War II and was advertised to customers from November 1938 as a six-cylinder chassis on which various coach builders offered a range of bodies including drop-head coupes, a stylish Ritz saloon model and the exclusive Dolphin.


Production was suspended during the wartime during which the company was compelled to concentrated on the manufacture of military vehicles. Therefore, most DB18s were produced after 1945.

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